Thursday, May 3, 2012

DEEP BLUE SEA: Hemorrhage


McCallister (Saffron Burrows) extracting brain protein from her super-shark.

One of the super sharks is annoyed at having her brains picked (literally) by Dr. McCallister, or perhaps she doesn't like second-hand smoke. In any case the shark awakens from her tranquilizer-induced slumber (while still in the lab) and bites off Jim Whitlock's hand which happens to be holding a cigarette. Tobacco is more dangerous than we knew!

Jim's arm is off. He is bleeding copiously, which looks great onscreen. His colleague, Janice Higgins, is ineffectually trying to mop up the blood gushing out of what's left of his upper extremity. This team of scientists get Jim in a gurney and rush him into an elevator. 

Janice (Jacqueline McKenzie) does a horrible first aid job for Jim (Stellan Skarsgard).
Nice blood splatters!

In the elevator crazy Dr. McCallister gives Jim a shot of something and then says, "Oh no! He's starting to hemorrhage!" "Starting" too?!?! 

What is hemorrhaging? Bleeding. That's it. Could be inside your body as with a stroke or a bruise, or it could be that you are bleeding out of your body because you scraped a knee or a super-shark bit off your arm. "Starting too..." Haw!

Later in the elevator McCallister expresses concern that she's not doing enough because she's "not that kind of doctor(1)." Russell Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson), the project's investor and the only character with the wherewithal to apply a tourniquet, tells her it's okay. 

1. To be fair, I'm not that kind of a doctor either. Oh wait... I'm not any kind of doctor. But I do know how to apply pressure to profusely bleeding sites on the body.