Monday, April 2, 2012


Sorry gang. Many of the movies I've been watching lately have been a bit samey and uninspiring regarding any interesting medical context, which is to say NONE. I am sure this will change soon! 

One of my gag cartoons from a performance series called Pathology Laffs!

While not blogging here I've been busy. I finished grad school at Goddard College! Cower in awe before the mighty MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts! Guess what my focus of study was? Yup! The intersection of body sciences with creative practice. This blog was one of my projects, as a matter of fact(1). 

Also, my cartoonist husband, R. Sikoryak, and I have been guest teachers at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT this school year. AND I am writing and drawing a minicomic. I can't help it - EVERYONE is a cartoonist in this town! It will come out this month.

What does the rest of my life have to do with this blog? I've been distracted from The Cinematologist because I'm putting together a blog-serving-as-website documenting what I'm doing when I'm not writing about movies. If you're into body-science-themed cartooning, performance, or needlework (you heard me - needlework) you might want to check it out. You'll see I've been busy(2)...


A cross stitch of my friend Lisa's fetus.
He's even cuter as a baby!

KriotaWelt is still being built. If you didn't see that particular thing that I did that you want to see, I'll get it up there eventually.

1. The academic writing I did about this blog didn't allow for many exclamation points or slang! Sheesh!
2. I went to France, too!

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