Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Holiday Quiz question received a "black hole" response. So few people replied that "less than zero" replied. No matter (or anti-matter), it was a rather daunting task. As you recall, the assignment was to list the musculoskeletal injuries that should have been sustained by Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) during her encounter with the Eighth Wonder Of The World in King Kong (2005).

For fun, I've included additional injuries. My cartoonist husband points out that since Darrow's injuries would have killed her in the first two minutes, this exercise is futile. Here's the list in chronological order.

Rope burn at the wrists - Darrow struggles in her bonds.
Stubbed toe - The frame she is tied to drags her forward and there is a close up of her feet.
Muscle spasm and rotator cuff strain - She is suspended over a pit by her wrists.
Sore throat - Lots of screaming

Right and then left shoulder dislocation due to traction - The King yanks Darrow from her bonds
Pectoralis major and subscapularis muscle tear
Rib fracture

Internal bleeding
General bruising (ecchymosis)
Lacerations to face and arms - Whipping by local flora.
Severe whiplash, cervical dislocation
Cervical spinal cord compression resulting in spinal shock and quadriplegia

Pott's or Dupuytren's fracture - Darrow pokes Kong in the hand and he drops her on the rock from a height of 15-20 feet. She is barefoot. (See posts 6/3/09 and 6/26/09 for more on dislocation-fractures of the ankle.)
Multiple cranial fractures, hemorhage, contrecoup injuries (see 6/8/09 and 8/10/09 for more on contrecoup), swelling, and compression on the brain, pneumothorax due to lung puncture from broken ribs - Kong, with Darrow in fist, gallops along on all fours.

Coccygeal sprain - Darrow falls back on the ground in Kong's lair
Additional bruising and lacerations - she performs floppy acrobatics to entertain the great ape.
Patellar fracture - Landing from a back flip
Broken jaw, loose teeth - Kong hits Darrow in the face

For the sequence where Kong saves Darrow from three T-rexes, repeat all of the above four times, and add fracture-dislocation of the lower thoracic vertebrae from her fall through the vines. Add shock, coma, and death.

I love this stuff. Avatar coming next time.


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