Friday, March 20, 2009

Face/Off part 3 - The Surgery

Troy and Archer are in surgery at the same time so that Troy's face will be plenty fresh for Archer's skull. Surgeons cut through the dermal layers of Archer's face with another laser that looks very similar to the laser that was building Loomis' ear. There is very little blood. I assume that laser is cauterizing as it slices. these people have red and blue lasers for everything!

After cutting around the perimeter of his face, the surgeon (presumably Walsh) applies a clear plastic face-suctioning device that seems to work pneumatically, pulling Archer's skin, fat, and a a few muscles, away from the deeper structures with a light, wet, sucking sound.

Because there was no incredibly wet ripping-noise foley, we must assume that they didn't show the hours of surgery it would take to free Archer's face from the fascia, muscle, and bone below, without tearing chunks of tissue or creating geysers of blood.

After all that, one of the surgeons decides to save time by cutting and dying Archer's hair DURING THE SURGERY. Cutting hair during surgery is so unhygienic! You could see those little bits of hair flying away from those scissors, and no matter how carful you were, eve with "laser sheers," some bacteria laden bits of hair would find their way into the wound site and contribute to a drippy infection later. Brrr!

As they place and manipulate Troy's facial skin over Archer's skull, you get a nice sense of the texture the the skin would have. They really got the right limp, leathery, fatty texture for that type of tissue. I was impressed!

The surgery is quick and bloodless, whereas the woman who had the partial face transplant last December was operated on for 23 hours, and I'm inclined to think there was more bleeding, even with cautery, for her procedure.

The saga of Face/Off continues, when Troy emerges from his coma!

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